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Black Tea

Known for its unique full-bodied taste, black tea blends well with other fruits and herbs and has positive effects on health and well-being. Hyleys exquisite black teas can help you relax, improve mental clarity and concentration, naturally restore energy, enhance the blood flow in your brain and supply your body with microelements and vitamins.

Green Tea

Hyleys serves the finest green tea, blended with berries, fruits, and herbs to triple its health benefits and create exquisite flavors you can enjoy hot or iced. It’s no coincidence that many of these blends have earned international awards.

Herbal Tea

Experience the best that tea has to offer and brew up your healing.It is no secret that herbal teas contain compounds and antioxidants with specific healing properties. With extensive research, Hyleys R&D team has found perfect blends to support your health.